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For Leap Day Only, A Rare Newspaper Goes To Print : NPR

For Leap Day Only, A Rare Newspaper Goes To Print : NPR.

Patrick Hertzog/AFP/Getty Images Patrick Hertzog/AFP/Getty Images Patrick Hertzon/AFP/Getty Images

La Bougie du Sapeur (The Sapper’s Candle) is published only on Leap Day every four years.


Awards 2012 Nominations | Index on Censorship

Awards 2012 Nominations | Index on Censorship.

Very relevant to independent media (and generally sticking it to the man).

The New Press Pass

Perhaps it’s the newest tool for journalists and a sign of times to come. I heard about Press Pass on a great tumblr I recently discovered called The Future Journalism Project.  I’m finding out every day more and more that tumblr is actually a great tool for news, photojournalism, and sharing information. Besides the personal, art, photography, cute animals, music, and fashion blogs I follow- I’m now starting to follow more news sources.[[ It might surprise people to hear that I first read about President Mubarak resigning and other major world events through tumblr.]] No site will ever compete with the passion and timeliness that tumblr uses have when it comes to world news, media, and pop culture. Twitter has these same users but doesn’t provide the proper space to elaborate on stories as much. The FJP tumblr recently posted:

From The Next Web:

Press Pass, a ’live directory’ of journalists from major publications, is a brand new Dubai-based site that comes to us courtesy of co-founders David Haddad, a product manager and software engineer, and Valencio Cardoso, an interactive designer.

The site lists journalists by region, beat or by publication, making it incredibly easy to find the journalist who can cover your story. Not only can you find out which journalists work at major publications and sites, you can connect with them through Twitter. You can also find out what they’re personally interested in, as Press Pass highlights the stories that they’re sharing through their Twitter feed.

The site analyzes each journalist’s tweets, creating a profile based on that content – including what they’re reading, topics they’re interested in and who they’re talking to. Each journalist is ranked based on the number of followers they have and their number of tweets.

I can’t wait to see what this leads to for independent internet journalism. Maybe we’ll even be using it soon!
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Democracy & Love, Now!

Maybe when you think of Democracy Now, you don’t necessarily think of love or romance. But this Valentine’s Day, Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman spoke with Dave Isay about “All There Is: Love Stories from StoryCorps”, the new book out from StoryCorps. StoryCorps is an oral history project that started recording and collecting regular people’s stories through interviews with someone they love. StoryCorps has had booths and trailers all over the country since 2003 that record these interviews, share them on public radio and save them in the Library of Congress for posterity. As of most recently, some of these stories were also turned into animations for t.v. and online viewing.

Some interviews cover love from the first date until the funeral- like the tragically beautiful and well-known story of Danny and Annie (which brought me to tears). Other stories are shared between parents and their children like the “Q&A” between a young autistic boy and his loving mother. Every story is real and moving. But no matter what story you listen to or happy to watch, you will learn something about yourself and the human condition. There are stories of love, devotion, sacrifice, death, and everything in between. This profile on StoryCorps shows that Democracy Now has its eyes and ears not only on the macro story, but all the little micro stories that often go unnoticed. Here’s to Valentine’s Day and letting someone you love know that they are, in fact, not unnoticed. Take the time to share your story, even with one person, about how much you care for them.

A StoryCorps airstream trailer

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Rookie of the Year

It’s almost funny to read an article from 2009 about fashion blogger Tavi  Gevinson ruffling feathers at a runway show. The article doesn’t only focus on Tavi, it also mentions other famous individual fashion bloggers and sites like Fashionista and even Jezebel (of which I am a long-time reader).

tavi is cooler than you and can actually pull this off

It’s funny to see Tavi’s name because after reading her blog and following her career over the past couple years, she has practically become one of those celebrities you know so well you refer to her like an old friend. The exceptional thing is that this inspiring, creative, famous blogger is still six years younger than me. That doesn’t stop me from visiting her personal fashion blog Style Rookie and her newest project, Rookie Mag. I still remember when I read that she was planning on creating Rookie Mag and was in search of other young, creative, intelligent writers. I remember reading it and wanting desperately to write for it! Hell, I still want to!

Rookie Mag, if you can imagine it, is even better than Style Rookie in the way that it appeals to people who may not be as well-versed in fashion as Tavi.  *cough* Like me *cough*. Rookie features articles on everything from surviving high school to teen witch idols and “How to Approach the Person You Like Without Throwing Up”.

If I have learned anything from Tavi (and the aforementioned article on fashion bloggers) it’s that no matter the beat, news is now anyone’s game. In that way that the internet magically does, blogs have become the universal equalizer. With the right ideas and mix of internet connections, a blog can provide the perfect platform to be heard. It’s proven: blogs are not just for the rambling nut in his parent’s basement, still in his pajamas. Blogs are for the newest news that no one has heard yet. Add to that a whip-snap knowledge of a field (fashion, sports, cooking), passion and determination- and maybe one day you too can be as cool as now-fifteen year old Tavi Gevinson.

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Day One

Today is Thursday, February second. Welcome to ‘Are you being undercheesed?’. As my parents said soon after I came home from the hospital as a baby, “it’s a working title”.

Like the elusive Punxsutawney Phil, I have seen my shadow and am now going home to take a nap. Stay tuned for more riveting news.

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