Democracy & Love, Now!

Maybe when you think of Democracy Now, you don’t necessarily think of love or romance. But this Valentine’s Day, Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman spoke with Dave Isay about “All There Is: Love Stories from StoryCorps”, the new book out from StoryCorps. StoryCorps is an oral history project that started recording and collecting regular people’s stories through interviews with someone they love. StoryCorps has had booths and trailers all over the country since 2003 that record these interviews, share them on public radio and save them in the Library of Congress for posterity. As of most recently, some of these stories were also turned into animations for t.v. and online viewing.

Some interviews cover love from the first date until the funeral- like the tragically beautiful and well-known story of Danny and Annie (which brought me to tears). Other stories are shared between parents and their children like the “Q&A” between a young autistic boy and his loving mother. Every story is real and moving. But no matter what story you listen to or happy to watch, you will learn something about yourself and the human condition. There are stories of love, devotion, sacrifice, death, and everything in between. This profile on StoryCorps shows that Democracy Now has its eyes and ears not only on the macro story, but all the little micro stories that often go unnoticed. Here’s to Valentine’s Day and letting someone you love know that they are, in fact, not unnoticed. Take the time to share your story, even with one person, about how much you care for them.

A StoryCorps airstream trailer

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