Open Journalism in The Guardian

The new ad for The Guardian is clear it cares about how news is shared among its readers. It’s a call for open journalism, news with an interactive element. The ad cleverly touches on current events through the Three Little Pigs parable. Instead of showing a busy news room responding to the story, the ad depicts motivated and ambitious readers upset with the news and doing all they can to change it. A quote from the editor on their new open journalism campaign reads, “The newspaper is moving beyond a newspaper. Journalists are finding they can give the whole picture better. Over a year the readership grows – a little in print, vastly in digital. Advertisers like it, too.This is what we mean by open. The newspaper is the Guardian.”

via The Guardian: a world of news at your fingertips | Help | The Guardian.

It’s a step in the right direction to acknowledge the intelligence of your readership. Now more than ever readers of online and print news want to be a part of the reporting- whether it’s sports, fashion, Occupy, Arab springs…  I wonder if any other big publications will see this and follow suit.

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