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All Major News Outlets Cover Trayvon Martin Tragedy, Except Fox News | ThinkProgress

All Major News Outlets Cover Trayvon Martin Tragedy, Except Fox News | ThinkProgress.

I first heard about the case on tumblr and learned more later after watching various Young Turks videos. I love the way they report with the truth and with their emotions. They get angry about the whole situation and are helping to spread the knowledge of this injustice. We SHOULD get mad and we should demand justice. Some people participated in the Hoodie march to show solidarity with Martin and make a statement about how innocent he was.

Giraldo Rivera blames Trayvon Martin’s hoodie for his murder and calls his murderer a “nutty neighborhood watch guy”. Nutty. Yeah. Just like the Professor!

This is a textbook example of victim blaming (something female rape victims are far too familiar with), not to mention blatantly ignoring racism and the hate crime involved in this tragedy. Fox news is not only late to this game, which is frankly embarrassing- but they are now missing the point of the story completely. It’s moments like this that have the power to define our nation and give the media a chance to play an important role in bringing someone to justice. If we’re not careful though, this moment could just as easily send us back in time when hate crimes were explained away and the media were complicit in letting another murderer go free.

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